Wedding Rings

Find the Perfect Men’s Wedding Rings

September 18th, 2016

There are so many designs for men’s wedding rings in the market. Regardless of your preferences, you’ll be able to find something that suits you perfectly. Albeit, you have to put some effort into the search, you’ll be the most satisfied with your choice.

If you want one that’s special and unique but something that doesn’t push you so far out of your comfort zone, you can go with designs that have a weave pattern or even a ring with two tones of gold on it.

The design options are so numerous that you can have a ring that has a gold hue on the inside and a white gold hue on the outside. You can get it with stripes or with a woven texture on the surface.

Unusual Choices

Men’s wedding rings can have seeming unusual shapes like when you get the jigsaw puzzle ring. For this type of ring, you can get the various pieces in various types of gold or you can get it in one type of metal like titanium.

The interesting component of the ring is that you can only wear it when it’s pieced together. It’s true you have to learn about putting the ring together but in this case, you can have fun with your wedding ring.

This type of ring can double up to symbolize your marriage and it’s also an accessory that you can play with. With its unusual shape, you can all add a unique appeal to your ring. There are so many designs for men’s wedding rings and you can explore your options with puzzle rings and ones with intricate details and shapes.

Personalize It

In answer to your question about personalizing men’s wedding rings, you can work with a number of solutions to make your ring your own. As simple as your wedding band is, you can get it where the surface of the ring has textures on it. Working a matte finish with polished edges for a ring, you can turn it into something simply unique.

You can also get the ring engraved with a special phrase that means so much to you and your partner. You have the choice of getting the ring engraved on the exterior or the interior of the band. Using colors, you also personalize a simple ring. Instead of just a plain yellow gold ring, why not get it two toned with some white gold stripes running on the surface?

Take your pick for men’s wedding rings today, you’ll surely find what you’re looking for.

Unique Diamond Wedding Rings – How to Find Them

September 18th, 2016

Selecting wedding rings for your wedding is a fun and important activity. There are so many options on offer – diamond wedding rings, antique and vintage rings, platinum rings and wedding ring sets. And if you are looking for something different, a unique wedding ring will not be easy to find. Here are some tips on how you can find a unique ring just for your loved one.

Many people think that the best wedding ring is a diamond ring, with a big gem. Surely, this is classic and will never go out of fashion, but a diamond wedding ring will cost you a small fortune, especially if you buy it on credit and going to pay for it months after your wedding.

First advice is that you should shop for wedding rings as a couple. This way each of you can find the ring that they like. If you are going to wear your ring all the time, consider practical matters. The material should be durable, and the design should be universal – something that will complement most of your cloth.

Get your diamond first

When most people think about buying a wedding ring, they picture going to the jeweler and ordering a ring that is already made. However, you can actually buy your diamond separately, and have it mounted later. What are the advantages? First is the cost, a loose diamond will cost you much less than the one already in the ring.

Second, you will find great variety of loose diamonds in different shapes. Shape of your diamond should complement the shape of your fiancée hands. While most popular shapes are round and princess, you can also find oval, heart and marquise shaped diamonds. For example, if her fingers are long and narrow an oval shaped diamond will be better than the round one. This will help you to create a unique ring.

Consider unique color diamonds

What can make your ring completely unique is the color of the diamond. Most diamonds are clear, but did you know that you can get them in other colors? Pink and blue diamonds are very beautiful but rare, yellow diamonds are the most popular of colored diamonds.

Most colored diamonds on the market are artificially treated to give them color. Especially the ones with intense color. There is nothing wrong with this technique, but don’t the jewelers make you believe that this is the natural color of your diamond. Naturally colored diamonds are very, very rare and they cost much more than the clear ones.

Unique wedding ring materials

After you found you diamond, another consideration is the metal. Most popular choice is yellow gold, but you can also get rings made of white gold, platinum or titanium. Traditional yellow gold is not terribly unique, and also gold is a soft material. Especially if you go for high quality 22 or 24 carat gold, it will get scratches with everyday wear.

Platinum wedding rings are more expensive, but they are much more durable materials. White metal ring would go with most outfits, which is important for a ring that you wear every day. Also if you want a modern looking, not vintage ring, than you should definitely go with platinum. Titanium ring is also an alternative, titanium is durable and costs much less than platinum.

To find yourself a truly unique wedding ring, you will have to shop around and possibly get your diamond first and have your ring custom made. Look at what styles are there; see what you like the most, than it would be easy to select the perfect wedding ring for you.

Antique Wedding Rings – Symbols of Old-fashioned Romance

September 18th, 2016

If you think that all couples wishing to get married are choosing only modern designs for their wedding rings … think again. This is because among them, there are many couples who are planning to have a more traditional wedding and more so because some such couples are into old-fashioned romance. It is precisely these couples who are choosing antique wedding rings to match the overall style of the traditional wedding they have in mind. The choice of antique style wedding bands also reflect the individual personality and taste of the couple. It’s true that searching for the perfect antique wedding rings, or for that matter, antique filigree wedding rings, can be a daunting task given the enormity of the range of antique style wedding rings available online, in jewelry stores or advertised. However, it is quite possible to get antique wedding rings to match your old-fashioned romance as well as the old-world style of the wedding you’ve planned.

Believe it or not, the best place to search for antique wedding bands could be your own home and that of your partner’s. If both of you are lucky enough to possess family heirlooms in the form of antique style wedding rings, you could end up with authentic antique wedding rings and what’s more, for free. The advantage here is that if you wish to make alterations in the size and design of such rings to suit you, these can be carried out by any professional jeweler. In case, you wish to change the gem stone settings or add other embellishments, this can also be done easily. The beauty of heirloom, antique style wedding bands and even antique filigree wedding bands is that they have the ability to exude an antique look yet appear as good as new when thoroughly cleaned and polished.

To cater to the special segment of couples looking for antique wedding rings, several jewelry stores and retailers have separate sections where you and your partner can find matching antique style wedding rings. Apart from such jewelry stores, there are many specialized, mail order jewelry catalogues and online jewelry stores which feature a wide range of antique wedding rings as well as antique filigree wedding rings. However, it is important to be fully convinced of the legitimate status of such stores, the specification of the antique wedding rings you may order and the authenticity of the gem stones, should they form part of your rings. Photographs of antique style wedding rings in jewelry catalogues or online directories can be deceptive, therefore, you must be careful and exercise some caution.

If you and your partner have mutually agreed on an idea or design that you’ve created yourselves for your antique wedding bands but not sure what they will look like when finished, you can get a professional designer at any reputed jewelry store to come up with a more realistic illustration or an actual prototype. If you succeed, this will be one more precious memory, among the many others, of your contribution to the creation of your own antique wedding rings and all the other events that made your old-fashioned wedding a big success.

The Charm of the Wedding Ring and the Associating Factors

September 18th, 2016

The wedding ring is considered to be the symbol of love and commitment towards each other for a couple. Therefore there is no match to the significance of the wedding ring in any marriage. And for these reasons the custom which originated in the ancient Egypt has become one of the most popular custom in almost every culture and religion these days. Though there are a lot of changes that have already came to the traditional concept of the wedding ring still the significance of the ring exchange ceremony when the couple exchange their rings and their souls get united with each other has not lessened a little bit. Rather the fact is that the custom of the ring exchange ceremony is equally popular even in the present day context. And for that reason whether be it an Asian country or a European country but the value of the custom of the ring exchange ceremony remains the same.

The significance and gravity of the custom is far beyond the geographical boundaries and cultural diversities. The custom of exchanging wedding or engagement rings symbolizes love, commitment and respect that a couple promises to keep for their life time. Two souls become united for their lifetime only through this ritual of exchanging of rings. Every wedding band carries with it the story of that very special date on which the couples were united. Therefore it bears a lot of significance in their life. And for that reason it is obvious that before choosing one’s wedding ring he/she feels a lot of excitement. The oath of commitment among the couple is deeply related with the wedding ring.

For the proper choice of the wedding ring for your life partner there are several considerable factors. One of the most important among them is the choice of the metal for the ring. According to the traditional concepts wedding rings are made up of gold and silver alloy. But these days the concept of the wedding bands have changed a lot and it is seen that designers prefer to make wedding rings of platinum, titanium and other such precious metals. Metals like platinum and titanium are more durable and provide a better look to the ring than gold or silver. And to provide a classy look to the ring diamond setting is often used. Besides diamond there are also other precious stones like emerald, ruby and Safire are also used for the making of the wedding bands. The budget you allot for the ring is the most essential thing that should be kept in mind for the choice of the wedding ring.

Often these days it is seen that people prefer to use white gold, an alloy of gold and other white metals like platinum, for the metal for their wedding band. A white gold ring with a diamond fitted in it really gives the ring an elegant look. On the other hand it is often noticed that people prefer to have plain wedding bands for their wedding. The point is that as the wedding band is the most used jewelry therefore there are chances for the highly decorated ring getting damaged with regular usage. And for that reason many people these days prefer to have plain wedding bands with simple decoration on it.

How To Buy A Wedding Ring

September 18th, 2016

According to tradition, the wedding ring is the last gift of an entire series, which was part of the engagement ceremony. This custom usually present since Roman ancient times was taken and adapted over time and reached the form we know today. The circle was designated as a form of rings, a symbol of endless love, eternity and resistance. The abundance of materials, patterns and colors transform wedding rings from simple jewelry in true works of art, designed to preserve the love between two spouses. Choosing wedding bands is, after all, personal and unique and must be adapted to the style and personality of the couple. We will try to offer you some simple tips about how to buy a wedding ring:

Plan! Do not delay choosing wedding bands. Around wedding will be a lot of things to be put in place and the variety of models of rings can be overwhelming in such moments. It would be better to start with at least three months before the wedding.

Be selective! Limit your search according to your style will help you save time. It is imperative that wedding rings to be identical, so you can choose different types of materials.

Set your budget! Depending on the manufacturer and store, prices may vary considerably. Before buying, ask if in the price displayed is included the engraving service, how much (if not included) and how long it lasts.

Choose the right style! The ring is the only accessory that you will wear for life. Something too sophisticated, solid or uncomfortable will be, eventually, a bad choice. Style is perhaps the most important aspect in how to buy a wedding ring.

Think of the future! The ring should be, by style and material, timeless and durable. An eccentric model can be charming now, but it is possible to regret the choice later on.

We already know, the ring is the most important piece of jewelry. Since the phase of wedding planning, wedding rings occupy a high place on the list. But when the time to decide comes, we panic and only then do we realize the responsibility that we have. You marry because you want to be with your partner until death do you part. This will mean some time. Therefore you must ensure that wedding rings will be those that you want to wear on your finger from now on. To meet these important decisions, we will offer some tips of how to buy a wedding ring.

There are a wide range of materials for wedding rings. Typically, people think of traditional yellow gold wedding ring, but you can give up this cliché choosing one of the many variants on the market. For example, there is white gold, platinum or titanium, for a reasonable budget and silver, stainless steel, tungsten for those with a limited budget.

Decorations with precious stones denote elegance and get out of the classic wedding ring. Both women and men can wear a ring with stone. If you consider such a ring, keep in mind that you should not necessarily opt for the classic diamond. Even if they are the most common, they are not the only ones. Cubic zirconium stones are the ideal choice for a low budget. Ruby, emerald or opals are other gems that you can use. How to buy a wedding band can only depend on your taste.

Search start
After you have decided what gem and material you want, it is time to start looking for your dream wedding ring. Classic jewelry stores or pawn shops are a budget option. That does not mean you will not find the perfect wedding band with a unique model in these places. Another option is to buy it online. You have all the information you need to make sure.

Create Your Own Wedding Ring

July 20th, 2016

Have you been analytic for the absolute alliance ring? Abounding humans absorb hours and hours arcade for the absolute alliance ring alone to end up actual discouraged. Generally they can not acquisition the ring they wish or if the can it is out of their amount range. The simplest band-aid to this bind is to actualize your own alliance ring.

Wedding rings are actual important to a brace who accept taken the footfall and absitively to absorb the blow of their lives together. The alliance ring is the alien concrete attribute of this acceding or alliance that the brace has fabricated to anniversary other. The ring is a attribute for the vows a brace has taken. Back it is the apparent attribute of the alliance it is actual important to accept a alliance ring anxiously and to acquisition absolutely what you want. That is why creating your own alliance ring is generally the best option. It is easy, can save you a abundant accord of money and you will accept a different attribute that the two of you share.

This commodity will account some of the top affidavit you should accede accepting a custom alliance ring instead of affairs a banal ring from a store.

Custom fabricated alliance rings are Unique

That is appropriate by designing your own ring with a able ring artisan you can ensure that your rings are unique. In actuality you will be the alone two humans in the apple to accept that exact ring and that exact design. What bigger attribute of your adulation to appearance off to the apple again accepting your own different alliance ring. Believe me you will get adulation on your ring everywhere you go. Humans are generally afraid that you can even accomplish your own rings and adulation the character of the designs.

Custom fabricated alliance rings are Personalized

In creating your own alliance ring you can personalize the architecture to fit your tastes and even accommodate abstruse symbols or letters to anniversary other. If you accept a admired appearance of ring or aesthetic style, colors or added affair that you would like to cover in the architecture the jeweler will be animated to argue with you and advice you absorb the architecture into your ring. For archetype a lot of humans absolutely adulation the abysmal apologue of Celtic bond plan back this is a bond angry with one section of braiding and it is never ends it is a connected bond that runs forever. A lot of humans absolutely adulation this apologue and adulation abrasion a chump fabricated different alliance ring that has these types of symbols in them. It brings a lot of acceptation to the ring.

Mutual Agreement

In authoritative your own alliance ring you will appear to a alternate acceding on the architecture and it is an acquaintance that you will consistently allotment together. If you sit down with the artisan you can both allotment your account aboveboard and allocution about the acceptation of the ring for anniversary of you. Again the artisan can plan with these account and your suggestions and actualize something that will actualize all of these things. It is affably to abrasion a ring that was created from a collective acquaintance you both had and not just some banal artisan ring that holds no acceptation or no acquaintance or acceptation abaft it.


This is the best allotment for abounding humans just accepting married. By designing your own ring you are usually abbreviation the amount of the rings. You see a lot of rings are created by some acclaimed alliance ring artisan and the amount is based on the acceptance of the designer. However, the boilerplate being has no abstraction who these acclaimed alliance ring designers are anyway. So even admitting you absorb a abundant accord of money on a alliance ring by a able-bodied accepted artisan affairs are a lot of humans will accept no idea. However, by authoritative your own ring there is no artisan characterization or name abaft it and accordingly the costs is generally cut in bisected or even more! Not alone that affairs are the a lot of humans will accept no abstraction who the artisan is of a assertive ring they will absolutely apprehension you accept a different one of a affectionate ring!

My wife and I absitively to get a custom advised assurance and alliance ring set if we were engaged. Not alone that we had the artisan plan with us to absorb the activity of the alliance ring into the architecture of the grooms or men’s ring also. So now they attending like a absolute analogous brace of rings! Just anticipate we adored over 65% by purchasing this way at the aforementioned time as catastrophe up with different rings. You absolutely can not go amiss in designing your own alliance ring.

Do You Know the 5 Most Popular Wedding Rings?

June 14th, 2016

Wedding bandage is the a lot of important allotment of the occasion. It symbolizes love, affliction and commitment.

The a lot of accepted choices in marriage rings are:

1. Tungsten rings: This is a new brand. It is aswell the best. It is approved and activated on marriage rings for its bargain amount and longevity. Humans adopt tungsten bandage because of its durability. Traditional adornment is big-ticket and aswell harder to maintain. Wedding/engagement rings fabricated of tungsten carbide is acutely able and it can bear any draft of time. Besides it hardly looses its flash burnish and polish. Attending of tungsten bands is as abutting as the big-ticket rings like gold and platinum. You can even opt for altered styles in tungsten rings like.

• Single bandage tungsten bands

• Two grooves bands

• Plain and able bands

• Single canal tungsten bands

2. Diamonique Rings: It is a cast name in itself. It is broadly advised to be the best. Diamonique adornment is advised for gemstone. Besides quality, you get appearance and beautifully crafted beauteous superior stones that accept admirable settings. Few of the a lot of accepted demands are as follows

• Solitaire ring: Simple yet elegant, placed on white gold, platinum and chicken gold, the anchoress is just absolute if you are planning to abruptness your wife with a allowance that is as attractive as this ring. It is accessible at prices that are broadly affordable by a lot of of the people. It alone amount about beneath $200. Diamonique 100 angle anchoress ring, abnormally in white or 14k chicken gold is a lot of popular.

• Epiphany Diamonique rings: Epiphany Diamonique rings are fabricated of platinum. It is aswell fabricated on 14K gold bands. This egg-shaped cut ring has a rock at the centermost and baby chaplet about on the absolute band. Beautiful yet signature appearance of Diamonique.

• Sterling argent ring: The argent section of Diamonique assurance ring is the a lot of precious. It is beautifully styled with several intersecting bands that are anchored calm about a tension-set cubic zirconia. What grabs your absorption is the rock that’s blithely cut and set appropriate aural it. Its amount is something about $50.

3. Celtic rings: Celtic rings are accepted in wedding. It’s a appropriate antithesis amid the announcement alleged adulation and aswell the amount that associated with its quality. Celtic bands backpack significance. It symbolizes culture, foundation and announcement of wedding. It is fabricated on gold, white gold, platinum, silver, etc. Two patterns of knots are accepted a part of couples.

• Circular bond patterns

• Angular knots

4. Design rings: Design brindled rings as able-bodied as anchoress design rings are accepted marriage bands. According to amount you can accept altered rings and ambience of diamonds. Design rings attending appealing on platinum and gold mostly. Sometimes added gems are associated with it as well.

5. Gold rings: Lastly gold marriage rings. It is the a lot of accessible best for all and you can accept both white gold as able-bodied as chicken gold.